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Related article: Date: Wed, 13 Aug 2003 12:03:12 EDT From: Subject: After The End- Part IIf you can't figure it out by reading it, this story is fiction. If your under 18, get out. To say I was horny was an understatment. I was a raving, fuck-crazy, always-wet sex lunatic. It was six months ago when it happened. When the world came to an end. Nuclear war had erupted between the U.S. and the middle east, and a week later, nothing was left. At least not in my part of the country. I live in the southwest, my home is nestled in a small valley. Small, but big enough to sheild me from the deadly radiation that plagues the rest of the country. I only assume that the entire world is dead, I don't know for sure. I would die if I left the valley, and there is no more electricity. The remaining family I had and all my friends were dead. I was all alone. The loneliness is what killed me. No more parties, no more heart to hearts, no more hanging out. But the worst part of this whole situation, to me, was no more SEX. You can call me a slut if you want, but I did have quite a bit of sex when the world was still alive. Men, women, both sexes made great partners in bed, and of course orgies were great, too. What can I say? It was my favorite pastime. But now I was alone, completely alone, and no one to fuck but myself. And don't get me wrong, masturbation is great, but nothing beats having someone else to suck, lick, kiss, and fuck, and after more than 5 months without sex, I was going insane. I had tons of canned food(this war wasn't a huge secret, everyone knew it was coming), so there wasn't a real need to farm or anything like that. So with nothing to do, and no where to go, I had plenty of time to be horny as fucking hell. I masturbated 24/7. My vibrator had run the juice out of my last batteries weeks before, so I was getting off on anything I could, my hand, candle, hairbrushes, anything that was long and fit into my sopping wet cunt. I was also humping everything in sight. Rubbing my clit against...well against everything and anything that could bring me to orgasm. But it wasn't enough. Sex began to occupy my mind completly, it was the only thing I could think about. All day I thought about it. I began to see everything as a sexual object, a flashlight became a nice big dick, an abstract painting hanging in the hallway became a full beautiful pussy, ready for me to lick. At night, when I could sleep, I dreamed of being in a sea of fucking bodies, where dick and pussy were the only things that existed and needed to exist, and life was one long orgasm. Waking up was hell everyday. Just another day of sadness, lonliness, and a roaring sexual craving inside me that would never die down. Then, one day, God had mercy on me. I was outside, sweeping the porch. I actually wasn't getting much sweeping done, because ten minutes into my task, I had sunk the plastic shaft of the broom into my pussy(there was no need for clothes, with no one around). I was trying to fuck myself crazy, when I heard a noise far away, kind of a crashing sound. I became scared, I knew that it wasn't just a branch falling or something, the noise had to be made my a person. I hurried inside and threw on a robe, and with a mix of fear and excitment in my belly, went towards where the sound had been heard. I ended up having to walk all the way to the end of the valley, when some more noise became clear to my ears. I walked slowly now, not wanting whoever was there to hear me right away. I snuck behind a large bush, and peeked around it, and gazed at what lay before me. Whoever it was, they were wearing a bright blue suit with a blue helmet on. The helmet only had eyeholes, and from where I was I couldn't even the eyes. The person had come over the lip of the valley dragging some kind of cart, and they must have fallen over the side and the cart had crashed. They were gathering up what had fallen out of their cart(which wasn't much, just some canned food and blankets) and putting it back in. I watched whoever it was as they fixed up their things. It had been so long since I'd seen another human being I couldn't stop watching them. Yet I still had yet to find out who this mystery person was. I had only a few more moments to wait, though. And finally, the person began to take the helmet off. The blue helmet lifted, and the most Lolita Porn Bbs beautiful human female face I had seen in awhile was exposed. She had blonde hair up in a bun, and before I could wonder how long it was, she unclasped it and let it fall. It was below shoulder length, but not extremely long. I thought her face was amazing, but was under the suit was too much for me. She undid the buttons going down to the crotch and when she peeled the top part off first, and I was amazed to see the she wore nothing underneath. Her round and full breasts were there for me to see. Then she took it off completely, and I saw her luscious legs, and the muff of blonde hair covering her pussy. The sun shone off her sweaty, naked skin, and she felt her breasts up and sighed, glad to be rid of her suit. As I stared at her naked, sumptuous body, I felt something rumbling inside me. I began to tremble, as the lust that had raged inside me for so long was boiling over. I was no longer in control of my mind, my pussy had seized every sensor in my brain, and I was helpless. I stood up from behind the bush, threw off the robe, and walked over to the beauty that I had so suddenly been blessed with. She saw me immediatly of course, and jumped, startled. "Oh my God! Do you live here? Is" Her voice trailed off as she saw the look of raw lust in my eyes, and she began to back away a little. Oh no! She wasn't going anywhere! I grabbed her my the wrist and pulled her to me. She gasped, but said nothing as I pulled our pussies together. Pleasure as I had never known it before erupted In my pussy and spread all over my body. I leaned us up against a rock, because my knees were giving away. I grinded our pussies together, reveling at the feel of another hard clit rubbing against mine. After all these long months I was finally fucking someone again. I humped against her harder than anyone i'd humped before, all of my senses lost, the only feeling I felt was the pleasure that had been taken away from me for so long. My clitty throbbed and I screamed out loud in absolute esctasy. I was basking in the feeling of another pussy, and I reached down with my hand to touch her. I felt her stiff clit, her pussy wet and hot. Her pubic hair was silky smooth, and then I trailed both my hands up her body, feeling her breasts. They were soft and warm, the nipples rigid, and I massaged them as we fucked. It felt so good I almost cried with happiness. For how long we screwed I have no idea, but I must have had ten powerful orgasms and maybe more, each one more intense than the last, but finally, my pussy wore out. My clit oversensitized and I stopped humping. I sighed deeply, finally coming down from my sexual high. This was the first time since the world had come to an end, that I felt real sexual satisfaction again, and exhaustion took me. I leaned up against her wonderful body, breathing hard, kissing her breasts and feeling our hearts pound. But now my rational mind was returning, and I suddenly realized Lolita Porn Bbs that I had technically raped this poor girl who had gone through who knows what. I quickly looked up, ready to apologize my heart out, but the look on her face told me she didn't exactly suffer from what had just happened. Her head was leaned back; her eyes closed, and the big smile on her face cuoldn't be ignored. Her hands were still on my ass; she had been helping us screw each other. Still, I knew I needed to say something. "I'm so sorry..." I managed to say. "I so sorry, I didn't mean for it to happen, I just...had no control....did I......hurt you?" She looked up at me; her eyes were a deep brown, and it was a moment before she replied. "......No..i'm not hurt.....just very shocked....What just hap pened?" I felt like such a fucking pig. How was I going to explain this to this girl who was a total stranger to me? "Well, i've just been here in this valley by myself for the last six months, and...well its just gets very lonely sometimes...all the time...and I get...well I just kind of start to feel....." "Horny?" "Uh, yeah. Anyway, that's been building up for awhile, and when I saw you here...naked.." The arousel was creeping back into me, as I gazed at the gorgeous body I had just ravaged. "I just lost control of myself, I guess. I'm so sorry, I couldn't control it I swear." "Well, I'm still a little shaken, but it's so good to see another human alive I don't care! And..." She gazed at my nude form. "it does feel good to be with someone again after all this time." She stroked my arms softly and I shivered. "What's your name?" "Jamie." I replied. "Who are you?" "Crystal. It's nice to meet you." She smiled, and extended her hand. I looked down at her hand, and Lolita Porn Bbs then it finally hit me that I really wasn't alone anymore. There was still someone other than me alive in this horror that my life had become. I held back the tears that were threatening to pour from my eyes. I gladly took her hand and shook it warmly, smiling back. Somehow I knew I would never be lonely again. More to come. 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